Here, you will find information on EVO+ Visian ICL, AddOn and sulcus lenses, the Macula AMD SML and the Keraring.

EVO+ Visian ICL

Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to read the time on your alarm clock.


And that's before you put on your glasses or contact lenses. This could be a matter of course with the EVO+ Visian ICL: it is a tried and tested alternative to glasses, contact lenses and laser correction. The implantable contact lens from STAAR Surgical is the global market leader among phakic lenses and has been used over 1,000,000 times since 1997. It can correct refractive errors between -18D and + 10D with and without astigmatism up to + 6D. A strict certification process for doctors guarantees top results and satisfied patients.



1stQ AddOn


The AddOn is the refractive-surgical platform for ONS fine correction and pseudophakic eyes, and is a milestone for functional patient care.
The AddOn is implanted in the sulcus in addition to the base lens, which is fixed to the capsular bag, and is compatible with common capsular bag IOLs, regardless of their design or material.


Areas of application

The AddOn can be used to correct spheric, presbyopic and toric refractive errors and to improve near vision in AMD and other maculopathies.
Thanks to the corrective options of the AddOn, visual functions can be corrected or supplemented – depending on the indication and the patient's wishes. The magnifying glass function of the AddOn® SML enables ultra-near vision.



Macula AMD SML

Scharioth Macula sulcus-fixated lens from Medicontur: the hope for AMD patients


The new hope for AMD patients was developed by Prof. Gabor Scharioth and has the following properties:


  • Sulcus-fixated lens with a simple bifocal design
  • Monolateral implantation in the “better” eye
  • Central 1.5mm optical zone with +10D
  • Optically neutral peripheral zone
  • Builds on proven technology
  • No impairment of the field of vision and distance vision


The proven aid for treating keratoconus


With Kerarings, Mediphacos is offering a sophisticated product capable of stabilising most types of corneal deformations, thereby improving optical quality over the long term.