Rayner IOLs

RayOne injector system

With its RayOne® family of products, Rayner offers a powerful platform for reliable performance. One system combined with various lens designs: spheric, aspheric, enhanced monofocal, toric, trifocal, trifocal toric.



RayOne injector
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RayOne Hydrophobic

With the RayOne Hydrophobic, Rayner is setting new standards in the world of hydrophobic intraocular lenses. Outstanding results in terms of visual acuity and incredibly easy to use for the surgeon – and all this with zero compromises!
The RayOne Hydrophobic is fully preloaded and can be implanted under an incision measuring 2.2mm. With its CornerstoneTM lugs and the anti-vaulting haptic technology, it offers you absolute stability in the eye during and after implantation.

The lens is in an equilibrated state from production to implantation (storage in 0.9% NACL), which enables undesired lens displacement in the eye. The Lock & RollTM technology provides ultra-lubrication for the lens so that it unfolds evenly and at natural speed in the capsular bag.



RayOne Aspheric

The RayOne Aspheric, made of a single piece of Rayacryl hydrophilic acrylic, is available in a large delivery range from -10 dpt to + 34 dpt. The aspheric IOL is aberration-neutral.
The RayOne injector system allows the lens to be prepared and implanted in an uncomplicated manner.


RayOne Spheric


The RayOne Spheric is the spheric version. With a wide dioptre range and the excellent RayOne injector system, the RayOne Spheric is an ideal standard IOL for your cataract operations.


RayOne Enhanced Monovision

A brand new addtiion to the Domedics portfolio, we are delighted about our first Enhanced Monovision lens from Rayner. 2.25D extended depth of vision with 1.0 D monovision offset, the lens promises good to very good results in terms of visual acuity in all areas of vision. Reduced dysphotopsia compared to multifocal and diffractive EDOF lenses.


RayOne Toric

The RayOne Toric is now also available in the RayOne injector system and, thanks to its anti-vaulting haptic technology, promises excellent stability in the capsular bag.
Made of hydrophilic acrylic, the toric version is biconvex and also aberration-neutral. The Amon-Apple 360° (sharp edge) offers your patients a low rate of secondary cataracts.
The lens can be easily calculated using the Raytrace calculation tool. We would be happy to do this for you.


RayOne Trifocal / Trifocal Toric


RayOne Trifocal and Trifocal Toric deliver excellent results in all 3 areas of vision due to their patented diffractive optic profile. With 89% light transmission – 52% far, 22% intermediate and 20% near – good visual acuity is possible for the various visual requirements. An aberration-neutral 4.5 mm diffractive optical zone with 16 rings, the lens also has Rayner anti-vaulting haptic technology, which guarantees excellent stability in the capsular bag. The graduation of the cylinder thickness takes place in 0.75 dpt increments.


With this premium lens, the surgeon again benefits from the RayOne injector system, which guarantees safe implantation of the lens.