Femto lasers

Femto Laser

The Swiss companies Domedics AG and Ziemer Ophthalmology work in close collaboration and offer you the mobile, modular and upgradeable FEMTO LDV series for state-of-the-art application in the field of femto cornea, femto presbyopia and femto cataract procedures..



The femtosecond technology of the FEMTO LDV is unique, the system is mobile, the platform is modular, and the clinical results are excellent. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose your entry-level model and upgrade it if your requirements change – for example, from cornea and presbyopia today to OCT and femto cataract tomorrow.


Thanks to its compact size and mobility, the laser can also be rented for individual days of surgery. Deep pulse energy combined with high frequency and the shortest possible pulse width guarantee precise results with minimum mechanical stress and precise cutting surfaces.


The new lenticule application from Ziemer is called CLEAR

The new Lenticule application from Ziemer is called CLEAR (CE-certified) and stands for:

C. Cornea

L. Lenticule

E. Extraction for

A. Advanced

R. Refractive Correction

Developed entirely from scratch, this proprietary application is intended for use in treating myopia and astigmatism.

The Lenticule application is an integrated part of the FEMTO LDV Z8 platform and can be purchased via a software upgrade.

Ziemer Clear website

The latest femto-phaco solution


Equipped with a unique TAP (Tissue-Adapted Pulse Management) technology, which allows the pulse energy to be individually adapted according to the application. A high-end OCT ensures visualisation of the front segment and the lens for optimal surgical planning.


The mobility of the laser is also unique: the FEMTO LDVs are the only device on the market that can be brought up to the patient directly, and thus fit seamlessly into operating theatre procedure. This mobility also enables one device to be used in different operating theatres, and even in several clinics. The FEMTO LDV Z8 can be used with all excimer lasers and is compatible with all operating tables.

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