With the high-quality CCL-Vario, we offer an extremely reliable, stable and flexible CE-certified cross-linking system, which is already in use in dozens of countries.

The device impresses thanks to its quality, durability, flexibility and intuitive operation:

- Different energy levels can be selected: 3 mW = 30 min / 9 mW = 10 min / 18 mW = 5 min

- Focal length is continuously adjustable

- Extremely high homogeneity:

-           Includes UV meter for calibration

-           Includes table stand and case

The tried and tested, user-friendly CCL Vario has special homogenising optics, and thus guarantees a constant irradiation intensity over the entire corneal surface. This avoids hot spots and ensures that the endothelium is adequately protected.

So as to offer the greatest possible flexibility, the surgeon can choose between three energy levels in advance – 3 mW, 9 mW and 18 mW – and thus set the ideal energy–time combination for the intended cross-linking treatment.

The diameter of the treatment beam can be continuously adjusted between 7 mm and 11 mm. This guarantees that only the clear cornea is irradiated, and under no circumstances the limbus, which means the limbal stem cells are protected.

The device is easy and safe to transport and is not tied to a specific riboflavin.



Ricrolin+ is a hypotonic ophthalmic solution with 0.1% riboflavin for all cross-linking procedures (epi-on, epi-off and iontophoresis).


Ricrolin+ impresses thanks to its strong "shielding" effect with up to 95% UV-A absorption. This protects the internal structures of the cornea and increases the efficiency of the biomechanical stiffening – even in the deeper corneal layers. Excellent stabilisation of keratoconus as well as a lasting improvement in the corneal topography have been scientifically proven in clinical studies.

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