Lacrisek Plus Spray for use in the event of individual sensory disturbances in dry eyes (sicca syndrome), decreased lacrimal fluid production due to blepharitis, or in situations that can lead to redness in the eyes. 


Lacrisek Plus is a sterile, preservative-free eye spray based on liposomes, vitamin A, vitamin E and amino acids. Thanks to the combined effectiveness of these ingredients, Lacrisek Plus Spray is able to stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film as well as correct and regulate dampening on the surface of the eye. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory vitamins A and E stabilise the liposomes and help ameliorate symptoms in or around the eyes in the event of allergic or infectious inflammation. The amino acids L-proline, L-glycine, L-lysine hydrochloride and L-leucine contained in the product improve dampening on the surface of the eye and can contribute to better protection of the epithelial cells. Lacrisek Plus Spray supports the function of lipid secretions and thus contributes to the stabilisation of the lipid component of the tear film. It is recommended that the eye spray be used 3–4 times a day, spraying 1–2 times onto the closed eye at a distance of 10 cm.


CE 0546, GTIN 8055742372610, Pharmacode 6654493




For private individuals: available from your ophthalmologist or pharmacy