Gauze compresses for treatment in the eye region before and after ophthalmic surgical procedures and for blocked tear ducts.


These certified, sterile cotton gauze compresses contain echinacea and pineapple sativus extract as well as glycyrrhetinic acid. Thanks to the combined effectiveness of these ingredients, the gauze compresses are suitable for removing encrustations, dried-on mucus, or secretions from the eyelids and eyelashes in the event of inflammation or infections.


Use is also recommended in conjunction with specific therapies for allergic, inflammatory or infectious eye diseases. Iridium gauze compresses are particularly chemically and physically compatible with the tear film due to their balanced pH value, leave no residue, and can be used to provide care in the eye region on a daily basis.

If needed, the disposable compresses can also be used as a warm compress after being heated in a closed bag in lukewarm water or as a cold compress after being stored in a refrigerator.

CE 0373, GTIN 8055742372658, Pharmacode 6654487; MiGeL Code




For private individuals: available from your ophthalmologist or pharmacy