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Domedics AG is an innovative, independent company specialising in ophthalmology and ophthalmological surgery. We possess a broad and multi-faceted range of products relating to cataract, glaucoma, and refractive surgery. Our range includes intraocular lenses from various manufacturers such as Staar Surgical, Medicontur, Zeiss, and even Femtolasers from Ziemer. For surgical applications in the operating theatre or in your practice, we have developed our instrument range, in particular single-use instruments, just for you. A large selection of consumables such as knives, sets of coverings, viscoelastics, plugs or hollow needles supplement our portfolio so that you can offer your patients the best treatment possible. This comprehensive range of products is completed by other products from the manufacturers Fidia, Visufarma and Espansione, whose products offer a wealth of applications for treating the Dry Eye Syndrome. Also part of this so-called Eye Care line is the unique Swiss-made eye vitamin Ocufolin ®, which is available both as a dietary supplement and as a food for special medical purposes (FSMP) exclusively from specialists.

We are an experienced, committed team which doesn't just give your the right instruments, but ensures competent, reliable support in every respect - from the Es like eye drops, Ss like support in the operating theatre, to Zs like Ziemer LASER Z8. Our many years of experience and specialist expertise in optometry and Crosslinking allow us to give you the optimal advice and support when choosing and calculating intraocular lenses or creating treatment protocols for your patients.

The quality management system of our company is certified in accordance with the current ISO 13485: 2016 standard.

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An overview of our products

Eye Light

Eye-Light – THE innovative device for correcting practically all problems on the surface of the eyes and the eyelids – above all, dry eyes. 


Galilei G6 Color Z

Lacrisek spray


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